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About Our Online Boutique: Soul Fetch
We live in a culture, where we feel as we are never enough (not beautiful, not confident or not stylish enough). Soul Fetch’s mission is to make sure women all over the world understand that they are more than enough. With every item sold, we hope that we are truly selling an influence to present your perfect selves to the world. We hope our store encourages you to declare your feminine power: to flourish in society, not only with style, but with compassion. With a community of sisters, we can start the change of a better world, and let’s do it with fashion. 

Soul Fetch believes in giving back to others in need. We are so fortunate and blessed that it breaks our heart to see other human beings suffering. We want to use this platform to give back to women and children in impoverished conditions. 

Sisters, we are so grateful to have you shopping with us. Your support is what makes our mission possible. We want you to know that a portion of what you spend will be donated towards different charities and fundraisers, every quarter. Check out our charities page to learn more.

Thank you for supporting our small business. Through our sisterhood we are able to extend more love and support than we ever could alone!

Be sure to tag us using #SoulFetchSister, so we can admire how you style our items and repost you on our social media pages!

Brenda and Jesslyn