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Weekly Intention: Embracing Our Feminine Power

Dear God, 

I am thankful for all the experiences and the love gifted to me; it has given me many strengths in life. I also have many wounds from life experiences and all the wounds are fighting for power. However, any action from the wound actually makes me feel the opposite of what I desire: freedom from wounds and power over my own life. Power is attained through a choice. Power is attained through sheer will – the will to choose love.

Power comes from love. I know most people want love, but our wounds pull us in a different direction. We can only feel true power when we balance all that we feel inside and that requires a lot of reflection; removing all the layers of fear that we have created throughout life. We have to tune into our feminine power – to have empathy with ourselves, nurture, respect and appreciation for ourselves. The wounded feminine can show up as lacks of boundaries, insecurities, manipulations, fears, and people-pleasing. It’s important to look within and ask yourself why you are anxious, afraid, sad, or angry? What is keeping you from living authentically?

I never noticed how much anger and resentment I had from people-pleasing. I never even thought of myself as someone who cared about what others thought, but I noticed in some cases I do. Now, I practice speaking my truth, even if I know someone will disagree with my choice. There is so much power in digging deep and understanding your shadows. There is so much to discover about ourselves – to really love ourselves and feel how worthy and unique with who we each are.

Others can be a mirror for you, but you discover the power of love through yourself first. You have to balance yourself, and then everything will shift. There is so much power in choosing what you do with your life, how you do it, and using your voice. Opening old wounds and past conditioning that is powered by the unconscious is a start. Not being conscious and living your life this way is like trying to drive from the backseat. Bring everything to consciousness and action steps to change. It’s time to get in the driver seat. You have the choice to steer what direction you want your life to have.

God, I sometimes feel so afraid. I’m fearful of the pain I could potentially cause and have caused. I sometimes feel so much pressure on the responsibility I have of my role in this world, especially as a mother because my children are so innocent. I’m afraid of the responsibility because my mistakes come from a place of pain that go beyond my memory. I’m scared when I make mistakes because I feel like all my effort is disregarded. I dwell in the fear that I may never change and that I can never be perfect. I dwell in the fear of pain. But that fear serves no purpose. I sometimes pity life and feel anger toward myself, but it does nothing for me.

There is hope because you’ve given us the will to choose love. To keep choosing love, no matter how many times we think we are failing. No one fails. This is life, and our individual experiences are all meant to teach. I guess my point here is that we sometimes feel powerless and down and hopeless because we neglect our power. We let fear own our life, rather than taking power over our own.

Our feminine power is to nurture and care for people. We must also own our masculine power, which is to assert ourselves and create healthy boundaries. We have this innate power that you, God, have given us. It is our duty to love, respect, and appreciate ourselves and our neighbors. We cannot wait around for someone to claim it for us. We need to claim it for ourselves. You can change your life. You have enormous power and it all starts with you.

Thank you God, always. Guide me to own my power and give me the strength to rise in life. Thank you for this gift that is life.

Xx Brenda



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