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Seize The Day

Be Present
A problem that most humans tend to have is that we take life for granted. We are so preoccupied planning and thinking about the future that it distracts us from experiencing the now. The present moment. This is so important to realize because the only thing guaranteed in our lives is death.
Stop thinking about what you need to get done a year, a month, or even a day from now. Your time here is precious, do not let it waste away with unnecessary experiences. Engage yourself in the now. Be your best self, love, and do good every living moment.
The majority of us think and act with the assumption that tomorrow is promised. We subconsciously believe that we are all going to live a long life, but when we let go of this false assumption and accept the truth, we can begin living our lives completely different. The truth is that life is unexpected and tomorrow can never be promised. All of our time here is valuable, so start living your life like you are dying, because you are. We all are.
Be Mindful
Our thoughts and anxiety easily distract us from the present moment. Look at your surroundings: nature, people, animals. Be aware of the beauty and the love that is constantly surrounding you and your environment. There are special events that occur daily that we fail to properly appreciate because we are so involved with the chaos going on in our minds.
If you were to find out that this was your last day on Earth, you would FREAK out. This is usually the moment people realize they did not what they wanted to do, or did not do enough. You would quickly recognize that there is so much to love and appreciate in our world, and you would want to experience it all once more. You would want to tell each person in your life you love them, go outside and look at nature, feel the rain once more. You would want to LIVE. So why do we not fully live the way we want to every day? A wise person knows that death is a valuable lesson; it is the only thing that all humans have to go through and is an amazing way to remind us to do what fulfills your heart daily.
Be Grateful
For starters, you should wake up every morning and be grateful that you are ALIVE. You had the fortune of waking up today; some people did not have that opportunity. You were able to breathe, see the sun, and hear your loved one’s voices one extra day. If you were not alive, you would not be able to experience any of that. There are so many things that bring happiness in our lives. Choose to focus on that every day of your life.
There is so much to be thankful for, there is always someone who has it worse than you. Appreciate your family, friends, home, food. The blessings you have are abundant. Start focusing your energy on feeling grateful for all the things you do have in your life and you will live your life so much happier.
Be Love
Be grateful that you get to give and receive love every single day. Now is the time to let go of grudges and pride. How would you feel if a loved one dies unexpectedly and your last memory with them was unpleasant, such as an argument? You would instantly regret not forgiving them and letting it go. You would understand that this is because you love them so much that nothing should have gotten in the way of that. The only reason we have pride and hold onto unnecessary things is because we do not expect death. Do not choose wrong and take that chance, it is never worth the risk.
Instead, spend your time loving and doing what you enjoy. Don’t spend your time worrying, arguing, stressing or feeling anything that you wouldn’t want to be feeling. Remember that each time you are investing your time and energy with hurtful thoughts or actions that you are taking life for granted. It is truly a waste!
You can design a joyful, inspired life by beginning to live it. Follow your dreams and do whatever your heart yearns for. Ignore all the negativity and the critiques because it does not matter. Respond with love and live life enthusiastically. We are all dying anyway. Every extra day you get to experience is something to feel lucky about.



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