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Perception Is Key

Hello earthlings,

This post might have you pondering on a few questions like - what is real? How do you know? Is your reality different than someone else?

I am no scientist, but I did learn a thing or two in my psychology course that shed light on psychophysics. Psychophysics is the study of the relationship between physical properties of the world and our psychological perception of these properties.

Humans can sense, and therefore perceive, a limited amount of energy that surrounds us. This means that all knowledge comes from our individual sensation and perception. Can your reality be the same as mine? Hmm. Reality is what we learn from our senses, but there are limitations to what our senses can tell us. This is because we can only sense a limited amount of energy in this vast world. We interpret the energy we (as humans) physically receive in our own ways.

Life is—quite literally—what you make it
Now… for a moment try to see things based on my spiritual opinion- that all souls come to earth to learn lots of lessons. If all lessons in each life is meant for you to learn love over fear and be at peace- no matter what. Then, all any of us have to do is work on ourselves internally and quit trying to control the external. The external world is always changing and so are you. The only thing we can have complete control over is ourselves and the way we decide to think, and therefore perceive things in the present moment.

View life with lens of love
Our thoughts create perception. We could be experiencing heaven but perceiving it as hell; and vice versa. Only a loving perception and inner peace can truly triumph any situation.

Easier said than done because we live in a culture that feeds on human fear. The media generally paints a very negative picture of the world because that’s what sells. They expose you to the negative which perpetuates more negativity. This ruins our entire perception of the world- viewing it with lens of hate. And some people actually have it really tough, but you can only overcome darkness when you bring light. That light is the choice to focus on love and connection.

Of course, we buy into all of this because as humans we want answers to everything. This gives our ego everything it needs to survive because it loves fear and planning – especially creating blame for our fears. It's the ego that desires and wants to control everything; it's love that knows acceptance is the only way to real happiness. All it takes is accepting the present moment for what it is and shifting the way you choose to view reality. If everyone understood this, then we would live solely based on love and perhaps even attain world peace one day!

Life is full of beauty
Nothing good ever comes easy. Changing your perception and shifting your focus to a loving one can be so hard! Especially, since we are so invested in our emotions and take those negative feelings as truth. However, we have to realize that we choose how we interpret the world.

People continue to accept that hate and anger is a part of life; which is why so many of us believe that the world is a disastrous place to live in. That isn’t that kind of world I want for myself, for my daughter, or for anyone I love. Accept a different truth- that love is real and always accessible, everywhere you go. That love is the only natural state and occurrence.

Even with our limitations we can tell the world is beautiful- you can see, feel, and taste the splendor of Earth. It’s possible that in order to see the beauty in the world, you must first see the worthiness and the beauty inside yourself. If we put out more loving energy into ourselves—in our lives and into the lives of others—then each of us could make a huge impact. The change won't be immediately visible because the world is a big place; change takes time and input from a lot of people. Still, I can guarantee it's worth it! You will definitely see an immediate and visible change in yourself and your life for the better; and doing so also contributes to the start of change for the future. It's a win-win!!

Be light, be love! Have a blissful day!

Love always,



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