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Let Your Soul Shine

Hey guys! We’ve all heard that humans are not physically perfect, but has anyone ever told you that your soul is perfect? Well I’m here to tell you that our souls are flawless, as they connect us to God.
Maybe you’re reading this and instantly questioning what I am saying. That’s not a bad thing!
It’s important to be skeptical because those who do not wonder and ask questions – about ourselves and the world – will never know truth. Questioning things does not limit or close off any possibility. We need to remember to keep an open-mind and give ourselves a chance to explore and learn.
Science and technology have helped us acquire intellectual knowledge by allowing us to experiment and measure things in life, to understand the beauty of nature, humans and space. Some people have the misconception that our beliefs, views on life have to come strictly from science or spirituality, but why can they not be connected? Take a look at how this world was perfectly designed to sustain life.
Science and technology alone cannot solve our problems. The missing link is spirituality; to transform this knowledge into emotional/subconscious knowledge.
So If I told you right now that if you look within yourself and build a relationship with God that you will live a healthier and much more peaceful life, would you believe me? Well you should! It’s been proven that spiritual people live a positive and healthier life, all while living a life with meaning and purpose.
It is necessary for this body we incarnate to feed off the force from which it was created. You can live your life filled with eternal love and peace, or live your entire life empty in search for happiness and meaning in places or people where you will never attain it.
It’s so simple to live a fulfilling life and many don’t even know it! The only place you ever need to look for is within – that’s it. If you continue to praise materials or people, you will live your entire life wanting more. If you give God, the creator of the universe a chance then you will begin to realize that who you truly are is more than enough. Once you realize this, you can begin to understand truth and apply it to your life.
Like I mentioned before, we are not perfect, but I want to know the perfection and brilliance that lies within me. I want to get to know the REAL me. So today, I want to challenge those who are willing to open their heart and mind to join me on the journey to enlightenment. 



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