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Let Love Be Our Religion

Hello beautiful people,
I realize the word God (or anything associated) has a negative connotation. I felt like I needed to write about this because there is obviously a huge misconception about the truth behind God and religion. The minute I even mention the word “God,” I instantly get the reaction of an eye roll or a laugh along with a mocking statement like “You really believe in all that?”.
I am not here to force religion down your throat. On the contrary, I understand some people have a reason for their lack of faith or misunderstanding. I just want to clarify on a couple fallacies I have come across, which will hopefully give you all a better understanding:
Who is God?
The word God is just a word—out of many—used to identify this divine spirit. It doesn’t matter what you call this higher power, because this infinite force of energy goes by many names everywhere around the world. What matters is understanding who God is.
God is Love
God is not a man in the sky who is judging your every move, it is the complete opposite. The Creator is pure, loving, infinite energy that holds inexplicable wisdom, power, and unknowable qualities. This transcendent being has no human characteristics—no sex, no religion, no race. People continue to personify God regardless of the fact that God is far beyond what we can conceptualize.
There will be hypocrites using God/religion to brain wash and manipulate individuals for their own selfish reasons. These distortions end up planting fear in our hearts, instead of helping us learn about the immense love. Any teachings of spiritual concepts that are not loving are based off ignorance, deception, and fear. With love comes understanding, forgiveness, kindness, peace, and compassion. Nothing negative or harmful can come from such energy.
Non-Traditional Religion
You might have been born into a religion or follow a religion that involves ceremonies, customs, or rituals. This is fine, but it is important to understand that these are all human traditions and following them does not provide spiritual security. God is not concerned with human traditions; it is your choice to participate in them or not. If they force you to sacrifice your own life, goals, or happiness for some “higher” good than you must know that these sacrifices are not for God.
Neither is God concerned with the man-made commands or rules that were formed for political reasons, which cause separation amongst people rather than unite them. These are all misrepresentations. God is the ultimate symbol of love and peace.
The Lights only concern is for each of us to familiarize ourselves and find security with that same loving light within us, so that we can use this love to guide ourselves and use it to serve—help the greater good.
It does not matter where you go to worship, if you even go at all. These are beautiful places to dedicate time to God and listen to his word. However, a person can walk into church and leave just as empty as they arrived; just because you attend one does not make you holy or spiritual. Spiritual growth can very well be attained by reading the loving scriptures and applying it to your life through acts of kindness, charity, love. It is not only important to understand God’s teachings, but also applying them to your life. This is where real spiritual growth occurs.
Religious Similarities
It does not matter what religion you follow or if you pursue one at all. There are several religions, but it should not make the truth of God any less credible. If anything it adds even more credibility. The only differences in-between all the religions are the traditions they practice (which we know now are just human traditions). If you delve into the matter more deeply, you find they all have tremendous similarities. They all talk about the importance of living a spiritual life, understanding the divine energy in all beings and things, good deeds and service, the immortality of the soul; and about love, compassion, charity, faith, and hope. They all talk about life after death, as well as stress the importance of kindness, forgiveness, and peace.
The scriptures all provide loving and brilliant teachings, rules, and guidelines. It does not matter who the great teacher was, because they all teach important truths.
The actuality is there is only one God and one religion, and it is love. We must see people of all religion, gender, race, age, and sexuality as our equals. All people are deserving of love; in fact, love is in our very nature and it is our job to recognize this. We might have different paths but we all have the same destination; we are fellow souls on the road to heaven.
Let love be our religion: let us love ourselves and let us love others.



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