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Daily Prayer

I encourage you to do this in a quiet place where you can be comfortable and relaxed. I begin by breathing and just finding a place of tranquility within - where the words I speak feel like they are coming directly from the heart.

“God (or Love, Spirit, Creator, Higher Power, whatever word is comfortable for you),

Thank you
I would like to start off by saying thank you. Thank you for another day of life; for the simple things: the ability to breathe, see, hear, and experience. Thank you for providing me food, water, and shelter. Thank you for free will and all the opportunities you bring my way. Thank you for all the good in life and thank you for the lessons. I am thankful for another day that I get to experience love with myself, my family, and my friends.

Allow me to see
Allow me to see with loving eyes; feel with an understanding heart; and hear without judgement. Let me see the beauty in the world and those around me. I pray to open my mind and heart, so that I am able to receive your grace and guidance. Give me the strength to choose love in difficult moments. And the faith to know that any obstacle can be surmounted.

I surrender
I surrender all my worries and troubles. I surrender my hopes and dreams. I surrender it all so that you can guide me to the path of happiness. I want you to guide me to my purpose and use me for the highest good.

I pray
I pray to find comfort in your light. I pray for peace of mind. Fill me with love, wisdom, and patience. I pray that you will bless my loved ones and me with health, and protection. I pray for peace upon all my loved ones, may you bless each of their lives. Amen.”

Feel free to edit or add anything that your spirit guides you to.

With all my love,



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