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Choosing to Evolve: Weekly Intention

This is a personal journal entry by Soul Fetch co-founder, Brenda Lorenzo, on evolving. Through Brenda's POV on her life, she hopes to inspires you all to take the time today to set a daily intention of evolvement and recognize that now is the time to choose changing and loving yourself. 


Sunday, August 1, 2021

Dear God,

I pray that from today on I remember what I feel right now. Only LOVE is real. 

This year I felt lost, small and scared a lot, like so many others. I felt the need to crouch down to hide from the dread that I felt. The worry of not living authentically. The concern of cooping my true nature inside. I trapped myself in a cocoon. I wanted to escape the world, but I was afraid of what was on the other side. I came to know the darkness so well. I was comfortable and afraid to leave it. 

Now, I pray that I am this caterpillar in a cocoon. I see why I needed to live in a swaddle for a while, because a part of me needed to shed; a layer of phoniness. A caterpillar’s body digests itself from the inside out and that is a necessary part of evolving. 

The worries that I felt came from the illusions of my mind. It felt dreadful, because I was lost in the conditioned, negative perception of my mind and my soul wanted to break free. It feels like death -- parts of my false identity are dying; things I have carried with me for far too long: expectations, fears and the ‘being nice’ syndrome. 

Truth is, I don’t need to try to be anything, especially things I inherited from society or people around me, because I already am who I am. I will continue to shed from the inside out, until I find my true self. The more I stop trying to make others happy, the more I forgive myself for my mistakes, the more I show myself love and kindness, and the more I feel closer to you, God. The closer I feel to love. 

When you choose life, you are choosing to let go and live as you are. Every time I surrender and let love guide me, I am shedding away bits of the cocoon. My true nature is a butterfly – I am wild and free. Shedding is part of our journey, I know this will happen many times in my life. 

I pray that I always remember it is an important part of growth. I pray that you continue to fill me with love and give me the strength to move forward in my growth. I pray you help me emerge into my truest form – into a beautiful butterfly. Thank you God for your daily opportunities. I am in awe of your love. Thank you for loving me in every phase. For loving me so hard that I feel the metamorphosis. 

I choose to EVOLVE. I choose LOVE. I choose YOU, always. My life is yours – transform it as you will. Help me fly. I love you.

Brenda xx
Co-Founder of Soul Fetch



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