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Weather the Storm

“When you change the way you look at the things; the things you look at change.” - Wayne Dyer

Hey girls!

It's been a year of growth – I must say, having two young children is a major spiritual practice. I am currently reading Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life by Wayne Dyer, and I’m really diving into the idea that our thoughts are powerful. When our thoughts are connected to Source (the power of life), we feel powerful and life begins to look good.

Let's talk about shifting our perception from a negative to positive mindset. We tend to chase our negative thoughts and wind up in a pit of dread. This book reminded me how happiness is only a choice away – we can use our free will to think happy thoughts about life. All it takes is a shift in the way we perceive ourselves, other people or a situation. If you catch yourself having a negative thought – stop – and observe that it is only a thought. Replace the thought with a positive one. This practice has helped me become a lot more grateful and peaceful with the present moment.  Allow me to share with you how I overcame a difficult period recently:

Negative Thoughts are a Trap
I struggled with anxiety this year trying to adjust as a mother of two demanding children, a toddler and baby, on lock down whilst having my husband working long hours as a doctor. On top of that, he was studying for a difficult exam, so I basically had to carry the weight of the family for a few months. Let’s just say I had some difficulty accepting my reality. I felt deprived of sleep, help, sense of connection and freedom.

I could not understate how difficult of a time this was for me – it was a period where I could not see a way out. I believed that it had to be bad because it was hard. There were times, where I felt so much anxiety that I would cry anticipating the next day’s hard work. I felt limited and stuck. I kept having recurring negative thoughts like "tomorrow is going to be hard" "I'm exhausted and need sleep" "I shouldn’t have to do this alone". None of those thoughts are helpful, as a matter of fact they hinder any opportunity at peace and joy. Instead of blaming life day after day, I began taking responsibility for my thoughts and feelings.

Small Steps Forward
By taking small positive steps and changing my perspective, I learned how to truly accept the situation I was in. I practiced positive affirmations like "I'm going to have a great day" "you can do anything" "you are strong". Even if I felt bad, I would still make myself say them out loud; it made all the difference. I would also remind myself of all the goodness that existed right in that moment, the undeniable truth, that my children were amazing and how fortunate my situation was in comparison to others.

Weather the Storm
If you do not like something, change it. If you cannot change it, accept it. Dwelling on negative thoughts will only create a hell of a reality. Accepting my situation rewarded me. It built my character and it really showed me how there is beauty in everything. You can experience beautiful moments even during the most challenging times.

Spoiler alert: with practice I was able to weather the storm of my mind. I started having days full of joy. Now I cherish the days I get to spend with my children, and I feel a bond within my family like never before. It’s still challenging, but I no longer hold the notion that challenging means I cannot be happy.

Be Patient
Life is always going to have challenges, but if we remain calm, we can make the most of it. Just because I was able to overcome this particular challenge, does not mean I am a master of inner peace. I still struggle with negative thoughts, and I have to continuously remind myself of the truth. It is an ongoing practice. However, I am not perfect and that is okay. We should be patient with ourselves and never give up the practice.

Flow with the Universe
There is nothing worse than feeling trapped by persistent negative thoughts. The only thing keeping me stuck is the limited, false belief that I am stuck. If I change my thoughts and tell myself I can do anything, I always get through it peacefully. It is really beautiful how shifting your thoughts feels like a whole shift in the universe, everything flows perfectly for things to work in your favor.

Remember to be in spirit today, sistas!




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