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Change Is Growth

In life, we are required to grow to be the best version of ourselves. If you resist change, then you are less likely to meet your greatest potential and stay stuck in one place.

A lot of people think change - with personality, especially - is impossible. Truthfully, it does take a lot to change, but it definitely is possible. It’s hard because it requires us to dig deep and work for it, since it’s probably a habit you’ve been doing for ages. It is a conditioning that needs to be reconditioned, which is going to take work and time.

I have had to put my ego in check so many times in the last few years and it’s made me a better person. I’m always trying to improve, but it’s extremely hard, and life has a funny way of challenging you. For example, I can sometimes be argumentative, especially if I think it’s justified. However, it’s not valid. Love and forgiveness is the only way to grow past a situation. I sometimes fail, but I never give up. I remember this truth and rectify the situation, as soon as I notice. I try harder each time to be better, and I know eventually, with time and practice, my natural response will be a loving one.

Here are a few strategies for change:

I think change begins with accepting that something needs to be changed. This requires you to face your biggest fear—accepting that you have a flaw. 

We are afraid to admit to ourselves that we are imperfect, but being imperfect is okay. We are all bound to make mistakes. Instead, you need to understand that there is nothing wrong with you, but it’s probable that there are things that you do that can use improvement. 

In order to change and grow, we need to take responsibility for our wrongdoings.

Desire to Change
In order to improve, you have to want to change. No one else can want it for you. You have to be willing to be uncomfortable. It’s uncomfortable to face the truth about yourself (what you're seeking to change) and it’s ugly. The process can be painful, but the truth is freeing. 

Face Your Darkness
Facing our own ugliness gives us the opportunity for personal growth. There is no way you're going to grow if you aren't ready to be utterly honest with yourself, no matter how painful or frightening. This is okay, because that means you can transcend this darkness into light.

Be Patient and Don’t Give Up
Changing your thoughts and behaviors takes time and practice. More often than not, you will fail and try again and again until you’ve trained yourself. 

You cannot give up, as it will be so worth it. Whatever has created this unhealthy pattern in your life could now be changed and improving yourself in that aspect will bring you peace. 

While you are transforming there is also pain, but there is nothing more distressing than staying stuck where you don’t belong with thoughts, habits that don’t align with your values.

I could guarantee the process is worth it. You'll feel so much happier with yourself and notice the difference in your relationships in a positive way. 




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